Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking at purchasing a property in Black Diamond and want to know if it has water. What do I do?

To determine if water and sewer are present on a property for the feasibility of development; a water and sewer investigation can be completed. To do this, applications can be found under public works permit forms. The Public Works department will then determine if water and sewer is available on the property and issue a report.

How do I report a concern or contact Public Works?

You can contact Public Works by emailing:

Do I need a permit to pave a driveway?

Public Works will review your plan and determine if a permit is needed to pave a driveway. Please contact the Public Works Department by emailing: and please see our driveway standards under the forms page on our Website.

What is a backflow device and why do I need it tested annually?

A backflow device is a device that will go on a system such as a lawn irrigation system or a fire sprinkler system and prevent stagnant or contaminated water from flowing back into the City water system. It needs to be tested annually to be in compliance with Washington State Department of Health. The City of Black Diamond enforces this through their Cross Connection Control Program.

What permits does Public Works process?

Public Works processes Right of Way Permits, Civil Permits, Clear and Grade Permits, Transportation Concurrency Permits, Driveway Permits and Water and Sewer Investigations.

I think I have a water leak, how do I get my Water Meter turned off?

If you suspect you may have a water leak, please contact the Public Works Emergency Line at: (360)851-4517

I saw someone illegally dumping, who do I call?

If you see illegal dumping take place, please call 911. They will dispatch the police who have spill kits and will contact Public Works.

Can I shut off the water at the meter?

No, there is a fine for shutting off the water at your meter. Please call the Public Works Emergency Line at (360)851-4517 to request your water shut off. During work hours (8:30am-4:00pm) there is no charge. Outside of regular work hours there is a charge.

What Water districts are in Black Diamond?

Most of Black Diamond is served by City water. Around Lake Sawyer is served by Covington Water District.